Textile Soluttion

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                    1.  SPORTSWEAR                                                                             2.  HOME TEXTILE
                    3.  HOUSEHOLD ARTICLES                                                               4.  TOYS TEXTILE
                    5.  SKIING BOARD SURFBOARD ETC                                               6.  SHOE/HAT TEXTILE
                    1.  PURE COTTON MATERIAL TEXTILE                                             2.  SILK FABRIC TEXTILE
                    3.  STRETCH FABRIC TEXTILE
2-1                        2-5              2-6
2-3                            2-4            2-2
The fabric we can print: natural, artificial, synthetic fabrics such as polyester, cotton, silk, velvet, viscose, etc.We can offer different printing solution according to each fabric with disperse sublimation, reactive, pigment, or UV ink.Also we have different model printers for different material feature of stretchable, thick, thin, or with small hair fabrics.

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